Learn more about Amaltas Ayurveda and our journey so far

From Kerala to Delhi, it has been a journey of many steps and at every step, we learned something new. We strive to help people live their best life, away from illness and pain.

Our Founder


Dr. Shyla Gesni, 25+ Years Exp., B.A.M.S

Hailing from Kerala, Dr. Shyla Gesni is an alumnus of the prestigious Govt. Ayurveda College Trivandrum in Kerala. And she has had the opportunity to practice under many eminent Ayurvedic experts in the state. Her expertise and education make her qualified to practice Ayurveda, Alternative medicine, and Ayurvedic General medicine.
Her expertise in dealing with various ailments has been crucial on her journey to make Ayurvedic Wellness a part of the daily lives of people.

Our Vision: Be the leader in making Kerala Ayurveda relevant and accessible to the world and positively impacting the lives of patients, customers, and employees.

Our Mission: Provide access to affordable and high-quality Kerala Ayurvedic care through excellent treatments and services that result in high patient and customer satisfaction.

Our Values:
Service Excellence: Always ensure the highest quality of service
Quality First: No compromises in quality in any aspect of business
Empathetic Partner: Understand first, before moving to act
Cooperative: Go beyond what is expected
Growth-led: Always experimenting, learning, and evolving

Amaltas Ayurveda milestones so far

  • 2020: Began operations in July
  • 2021: One of the first HCOs to be granted CGHS & DGEHS empanelment to increase access to Ayurevda for Govt. employees
  • 2022: Granted NABH Accredited

Why Choose Us?

We are a one-stop for authentic Ayurvedic Treatments. With our experts having over 25+ years of experience in Ayurveda and Panchakarma, Amaltas Ayurveda helps people deal with various issues they face from aches and pains, spinal disorders, lifestyle problems, stress, psoriasis, etc. – to preventing illness by way of rejuvenation and preventive therapies. We provide Ayurvedic Doctor Consultation, Treatments, and Medicine along with Kerala-specific Panchakarma therapies, dietary corrections, and counseling if required; for various illnesses.

25 + Years Exp.

Dedicated Staff

NABH Accredited