Swasthya – Absolute Health

Seeking to stay healthy is not just an option. We need to be healthy enough to stave off multiple life-threatening illnesses; so that life can be lived to its fullest. People often do many tasks that put them on the path to good health but sometimes it just isn’t enough. A routine is needed to ensure you remain in the best of health.

Ayurveda preaches Swasthya; for living a life free of unpleasantness.

What does that mean?

It’s simple. It means being in a state of absolute health where you are both mentally and physically in a pleasant state.

Samadosha, samagnischa samadhatumala kriyaha prasanna atmenindriya manaha swasthya ityabhidheeyate

Charaka & Vaghbhata in Sutrasthana

Swastha; describes a healthy person and for someone to achieve Swasthya:

  • They need to ensure their doshas are in equilibrium
  • Their digestion must be in balance
  • Dhatus and Malas must not be abnormal
  • And the body, mind, and soul need to be in a pleasant state

Amaltas Ayurveda can help you in attaining Swasthya.

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